Interview with:
Chef Zach Grainda of
White Dog Café

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Welcome to Local Abundance

Local Abundance is a program designed to help change the way that your community, and others just like it, buy food.  Our passion is sourcing the highest quality, unprocessed, REAL FOOD and bringing it to your family’s table at prices you can afford.

You see, we live in a world which has become increasingly dependent on large Agribusiness and industrialized fishing.  This "corporate" approach to food production is depleting our natural resource base, filling our bellies with chemicals, and driving food prices so low that independent, family owned farms and fishermen are disappearing at an alarming rate.  We believe that local communities deserve a better alternative to industrial food and the opportunity to spend their food dollars in a healthier, more future-focused way. Quality, pure, affordable food should be the right of every human being-not just the privilege of a few.

Through our parent company, River & Glen, we have had the privilege of connecting some of the finest chefs in New York City, Philadelphia and Washington DC, with the highest quality, responsibly sourced seafood, game and meats on the market.  We have travelled the United States and abroad to build lasting relationships with small, artisanal farmers and fishermen and bring the fruits of their labor directly to our chefs.

With Local Abundance, we are now offering the same high quality, responsibly sourced items to families just like yours.  Each and every item that we offer our “Members” is 100% transparent.  Meaning, we tell the entire story of how that product got from the source to your plate.  Your family will learn exactly when, where and how your seafood was caught, and even learn the name of the Captain and Vessel that caught it.  For our land animals, you will learn about the farmers and how they raise their animals.  We will post photos and interviews with our farmers and fishermen, and turn them into the “Rock Stars” that we feel they are.  These men and women are committed to farming and fishing in responsible, future-focused ways-in spite of the fact that these practices often cost more, take a bit more time, and can be quite challenging.

With this "new" approach to buying food, families will be helping families to live healthier lives, lift up independent, sustainable producers, and feel good about protecting our natural resource base for generations to come.


Here's what our members are saying about us...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I haven't fed my family seafood in a very LONG time, because I wasn't comfortable with the "quality" of what I was finding in the stores. The scallops, fluke and shrimp that I have purchased from you have been of such a high quality that BOTH of my kids now like seafood. My sons have declared that I'm NOT ALLOWED to buy from anywhere else. As if I would after this!!! And it's not just the seafood, the chickens were awesome too. Can't wait to try the pork that you have offered for this week. You have customers for life in us!       - Suzi M

Today we received our second order from Local Abundance and so far everything has been exceptional in freshness and taste. We have sampled the wild salmon, the fluke, the farm chicken and they were absolutely top quality.       - Dimitra V

I just ordered with James and Jennifer for the first time this week. I can say with 100% conviction that this was the freshest meat I have ever prepared. The chicken was beautiful, firm, fresh, and so juicy. The salmon was odorless, firm, and a beautiful color. And the shrimp.... I was speechless! My family will stay healthy, happy, and full! We are proud to be a part of the Local Abundance family. Thank you!       - Dana Lynn