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I Survived the Fancy Food Show!

July 01, 2015

Had such a wonderful time in NYC!  Lots of wonderful products and AMAZING, passionate people.  I went in search of more great items to compliment our line of responsibly sourced meats & seafood.  Don't worry...I sampled everything!  Some would call my grazing over indulging.  I call it,  "making a sacrifice for the customers that I love so much".  Between my full tummy and the blisters on my feet it was a miracle I made it out alive.  But I left no marinade untasted; No spice rub unsniffed.  Trust me-there are some super-awesome items arriving in the very near future!

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Did you know?

June 09, 2015

Global consumption of seafood has doubled since the 1970’s. Now, roughly 158 million tons of seafood is harvested every year. Improvements in fisheries related technology have allowed us to remove fish from the ocean more quickly and with less effort, putting increased pressure on the oceans. With an estimated 90% of all large, predatory fish already gone from our world’s oceans since industrialized fishing began; we are now fishing the last 10% of species such as tunas, swordfish, and sharks. Quite simply our marine species cannot reproduce fast enough to keep up with the hunt. Learn more about why your choices matter! (

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